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Living Fearless

Risk Adventure

Risk. The possibility that something unpleasant or unwelcome will happen. 

There are so many things in life that could produce an unpleasant or unwelcome result. But a possibility of something going wrong – is also a possibility of something going oh so very right. The possibility of failure equal to the possibility for success. An opportunity for pain equal to the opportunity for joy. The risk to be hurt equal to the reward of discovering something amazing.

Which do you choose?

You can stay where you are. Be it comfortable. Be it what you know. Be it what you’ve always done. Be it a place of indifference…a place of wanting more…of wanting change…of wanting something different.

You can stay afraid of the risk, afraid of the possibility of hurt, of pain, of failure, of an unpleasant outcome.

You can let fear hold you back from opportunities, from possibilities…


You can run toward the opportunities, the possibilities. Embrace them. Take the chance for the positive outcome to be your reality. To change the course of your life by saying yes. By moving. By acting. By taking the risk. 

I quoted a line today about how at any time, we have the chance to re-write our story and change the direction or course our story is taking. It’s true. Despite our upbringing, our past, our experiences, our pain, our state in life…we can rewrite and change direction on the course of our life. We have the power to make a different choice. Fear can be overcome. 

The Bible speaks so often about having no need to fear for God is with us. This means even if we take the risk and push past the fear – and we fail – or encounter an unpleasant outcome – He is STILL with us. He will rejoice in our successes and carry us through our failures and will be there alongside us when we step out in faith again to take a risk, to overcome a fear.

Recently I was messaging online with my youth pastor (we’re still friends all these years later) about a situation in my life where I am willing to take a risk and be open to possibilities. She messaged back saying “You have never been one to fear risk.” While there is truth in the fact that I have taken many “risks” in life and lept at opportunities which might have scared others – there are still things I have not done out of fear. Thus my reason last year for choosing to live my life “intentionally fearless.” And even some of those risks I’ve taken or opportunities I’ve lept at – I had some doubts or fears and questions as to what the outcome might be…I just choose adventure and possibility over the alternative. I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences because of it. I’ve also had some of the deepest pain or feelings of failure. But whether it was a great outcome or a painful one – I am richer because of each one of them. I have taken those experiences and learned from them. Grown. Each one pushing me closer to God. Each one weaving my story more intricately…and thus more interesting. 

My youth pastor also said that as many times as I have risked – and not had the outcome I’d hoped for – that it is amazing that I am still vulnerable to risk. My response was that I didn’t know how else to be. This is me. I loved her response: “True. So off to yet another risk adventure.”

And that is what taking risks are to me – an adventure. And in my life – I don’t ever want to stop having adventures! Do you? 

So if there is something you want to do…an opportunity that comes along…if you have a hope for something different than your current place in life…be bold, be fearless…grab a hold of that opportunity, push past that fear and have an adventure. Knowing that whatever the outcome, you will be the richer for it. That God is with you – no matter what. That fear did not win out. 


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