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Leaving a Legacy

Legacy ~ anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor


I attended a women’s “generational” tea this past weekend at a church. Women ranged in age from 8 to over 80.  The focus was legacy – what kind were you going to leave.  A large focus was on leaving a legacy to your children. For me – that piece didn’t quiet ring true as I do not have children. I always wanted them, always thought I would have them – but with the path my life has taken – that has not been my reality. It does not mean it’s out of the question for me – bearing them myself – probably not given my age.  However; there’s always a possibility of adoption…and if I end up with a man in my life who has children, then perhaps I could be a mom in the form of a step-mom.

Regardless of if there ends up being a child in my life – a legacy is not left just to children. Jesus didn’t have children of His own – and He left an amazing legacy here on earth. Countless talented people have not had children and have left wonderful legacies of art, music, writings and countless more.

This weekend made me think about the desired legacy I want to leave which took me back a few years to a session I did with an executive coach. She had the group I was in doing all kinds of exercises around core values, what mattered in life…one of those exercises was this: “It’s years from now and you’re dying…you have only a couple days to live…reflect on your life and think of the things you are most proud of that you’ve accomplished and why.” At this time I had already lost my dad and reflected back on his last days and his funeral – and what the focus was – what mattered.  I thought about my own life and things I wanted to accomplish – publish a book, have children, get a degree, so on and so forth.  When I compared these to the things around my Dad’s death and the things that truly mattered to me – I came to the legacy I truly wanted to leave.  Love.

I looked ahead to my funeral and thought if people were at my funeral and said, “Ana loved well” – then that is the legacy I wanted to leave. That I showed others love. That people knew they were loved.  That the hurting felt loved. That the unloved felt loved.

Then I thought about the “why” – why would I be most proud of that.  Because it is what God has called us to do. I’m not perfect in my faith – I try, I strive, I succeed, and I fail – and I am thankful for His love, grace and mercy for me. I know God knows my heart.  And He has truly given me a heart for others. An ability to love and show mercy and grace. I know it is nothing I am capable of on my own…it is ONLY because of Him.

This legacy transcends the possibility of not having children.  Even if I am blessed enough to have a child in my life – this is still the legacy I want to leave, and to pass on. I would want them to know they are loved by me – no matter what. I would want to teach them the importance of loving others by my example.

I am capable of leaving a strong and lasting legacy. We are all capable of that. What legacy do you hope to leave?

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