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Forward Motion

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

~ Pablo Picasso


Are you in a state of forward motion? Are you stagnate? Are you losing ground? 

For me, I am in a space of moving forward. Sure, there are times it has felt the speed of the turtle from the Comcast commercials, but nevertheless moving forward. With the desire to live my life intentionally fearless, seizing opportunities and walking through open doors – a forward motion is inevitable.

At times, life interrupts. I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about Abrupt Change – when someone else’s decision/action or death changes the trajectory of your life. As I’ve reflected more on that idea – yes, there was a trajectory in which I thought my life was headed that was interrupted; however, it did NOT stop the overall trajectory of my life. It did NOT stop God’s trajectory for my life. In those times of interruption it can be easy to get lost, feel as if we do not know where we are going. In this particular instance in my life – I immediately turned it all over to God, plugged in to Him and have seen amazing promise day after day. Assurances that He has me covered, protected, and an assurance of an amazing future in Him.

What’s clearer to me now, is that this one part of my life that I thought I might have had figured out – truly wasn’t God’s best for me. I was figuring that out on my own, but very quickly that decision was taken from me by the decision of another. But I am truly thankful in retrospect. Through God’s faithfulness and showing up – He has been showing me greater things He has in store for me. Through the friends around me, through bringing amazing people into my life, through a confidence that is truly from Him.

Despite knowing that pursuing God in all decisions is what we should be doing – we too often think we know what’s best for us. We make decisions based on our desires – not His. We repeat mistakes over and over without turning to Him for help. We hold on to things or relationships in our lives we should let go of. When we do all of those things, that’s when we can get mired, stuck, and end up not moving forward. Yes, we could limp along for awhile – with some struggles, some good times, and perhaps slowly move forward. But, when we surrender our will to His, when we listen, when we seek Him, when we obey – the forward motion accelerates.

I am thankful for this time in my life. I am moving forward…it feels almost as if I’m running forward right now – and that’s a pretty cool place to be. I want to be sure that I am taking God as my running partner in this to minimize the speed bumps and potholes I could encounter along the way.

If you feel stuck in your own life – I encourage you to seek God. I encourage you to choose to move forward, take action. I encourage you to begin taking small steps – no matter how small to move towards your best life.


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