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Do You Know Your Personality Type?

I know, I know. There are countless tests out there – and I think I’ve taken all of them throughout my lifetime. Of all of the ones I have taken, the one that has helped me the most – and the most when getting to know other people in my life, is the oldest, and in my opinion, most thorough one out there.  The Myers Briggs.  So many of the other tests are ultimately based on this one – they just communicate the information differently. It is an expensive test to take but there is a free version online that’s accurate – and you can take the test HERE.  Once you have your results, I recommend you review your personality profile in on this site. They are much more in depth than the one where the test is. Odd, I know – but the site I linked to really breaks things down into the overall personality breakdown, then by relationships, career, growth areas.

In Myers Briggs you get a 4 letter designation for your personality.  1st letter:  either an I or an E – introvert or extrovert. 2nd letter: either an N or an S – intuitive or sensing. 3rd letter:  either a T or F – thinking or feeling. 4th letter either a P or J – perceiving or judging. Now for each of these there is a number scale which shows which places more weight and where you fall on each of those.  For me, I am an ENFP – Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving – the title for that personality is “The Inspirer”.  Now I am only a 1 on the extroverted scale – so I can be an extrovert when I need/want to be – but I recharge alone and am perfectly fine spending time by myself. But, I read what it says about my type and yep – that’s me – including my weaknesses. What has been neat to reflect on over the years is to see the areas of weakness I have grown in and developed.  And still yet – when I re-read it – it highlights continued areas of growth.

We all have areas in our lives which can be developed and character traits that have been learned which can be unlearned. That is something about life, about the human mind, about our spirit and about God that amazes me. Just as the Bible talks about the refiners fire. God is constantly working us to improve our character, our heart, our spirit. To mold us into the best women and men He wants us to be. What I love even more?  His grace and compassion when we fail. When we make a misstep. When our humanness gets the better of us. When our pride, hurt and pain get in the way of loving, kindness and compassion.

I desire to live my life in a posture seeking to grow, to learn, to thirst for greater, to make an impact and leave a legacy of love. I know this requires intention. I strive for that. Even in the title of my blog “Intentionally Fearless” – I do not simply want to go through life reacting to the world around me or fearful of opportunity. I want to live with intent. Develop who I am through introspection. Through prayer. Through community. Through love.


Here’s a couple other great tests for learning deeper how you’re wired and what your strengths are:

CVI – Core Values IndexTake the test FREE here.

There’s a wonderful Psychologist in town who also does CVI training for indivduals and corporations – Dr. Ryan Hosley.  You can check out his website – Profinity Development here.

Strength Finders 2.0 Learn More Here This test was awesome to show what my top 5 strengths were and how they were strengths – it was pretty cool. When we operate in our strengths we are our most successful.

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