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Created For Relationships

Yes. We were created for relationships. Not simply the man/woman intimate relationship…but relationship with other people in our lives. I’ve been at two different churches in the last 2 months and both have offered sermons on the importance of friendships, of relationships with those we are in community with. Both focused on being intentional about being in relationship with one another, embracing community. My pastor made a comment about the need to push against the desire to be solitary – to fight against it.  

We are to bear one another’s burdens. Hold up each others “arms” when they get too tired. Encourage. Love. Pray. Give wisdom. Speak truth in love.

It’s when we’re solitary, without sounding boards for wisdom, without support in times of struggle or wrestling, without input, that we have a possibility of making missteps. When we are in the vacuum of ourselves the lies of the enemy are at their strongest. When we do not have the support of the relationships around it is harder to refute those lies and see wisdom. I know when I have made decisions in a vacuum I have not always made the best ones. Seeking wisdom from God, from my friends and confidants and advisers are when I have made my best decisions.

Our relationship with God is and should be first and foremost – and being vulnerable beyond our relationship with Him is where great strength, healing, love and support can be found in relationships. Through others being the tangible hands and feet of Jesus here on earth.

In my life I have learned the value relationship. In the romantic kind I have learned about being vulnerable; opening up when there is the possibility of rejection; stepping outside of myself to see the other persons needs and work to meet them; trust when there is the fear of hurt; the need for humility and dying to myself; the need for patience; the need for prayer and for God to be at the center of that relationship. Does it mean I’m perfect in these areas. No. I won’t ever be. My partner won’t ever be. That is where I want the love and grace God has shown me to be evident in me to show the person in my life and I hope for it to be evident in my partner.

Even in these romantic relationships – my other ones are important. I seek my friends and confidants, my mentors and my family for input. I know they sometimes see things I don’t. Things in me that I may need to work on and have a stumbling block to seeing myself. At times they may see things in the other person that I’m missing being blinded by love and emotion. At times they have calmed my fears or insecurities. Other times they have validated concerns. Regardless – they have always listened, always prayed, always encouraged.

In all other relationships in my life – love is still the foundation for me. When I have experienced times of pain – those relationships I have forged over the years have been a safe haven for me. My relationship with God is even more strengthened in these times when I am shown immense love, tenderness, kindness, generosity, protection, prayer and more from those relationships around me. What’s amazing is when God sends it through connections you wouldn’t have even expected. Today, someone I met a few months ago at an event…someone who knows nothing of what is happening in my life right now…shot me a message on Facebook simply saying “You well?”  My response was simply “Rough day today” followed with letting him know I needed to connect with him on a client project.  His reply felt like just a message from God for me today:  “I just wanted to remind you that you have a fan in me. And I want to support you and I think you are pretty darn amazing.”  

In my life I try to live transparently. I have been open about my life and my story, my struggles and my triumphs, my sorrows and my joys. I value the stories of others and what they bring to the world. With this and intentionally opening my hand and heart with love to others I have seen in abundance – when I feel alone – that I am truly NOT alone. My God is with me always – but I LOVE the tangible way He shows me His love through the arms, hearts, words and prayers of my relationships. 

I am thankful for relationship. Thankful for vulnerability. Thankful for tenderness. Thankful for open hearts. Thankful for open hands. Thankful for love. Thankful for hope.


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