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A Rich Life

Rich in love. 

Today was spent surrounded by people who love me. Most of these were not blood relatives in the way the world defines that term. But blood relatives through the blood of Christ. We are family. The closest family I have had in the community of a church. So thankful for each and every one of them. The hugs. The encouragement. The kind words. The faithfulness. The generosity. The prayers – so many prayers. The time.

I would rather have THESE riches than all the money in the world. The riches of the world, the money in the bank, none of it brings peace. It may bring a temporary sense of security – but it’s fleeting. When the money is gone…when our emotional bank is empty…when we have “nothing” by the world standards – with God – we have ALL we will ever/could ever need. Trusting Him in those times might be the hardest thing we ever do, but the reward is truly greater than any earthly treasure or security we could hope to find.

I have felt so unbelievably loved this week. And with how this week played out – that is truly a miracle. Anyone this world throws away…Anyone who has been tossed aside…those are cherished sons and daughters of Christ. And He WILL and does comfort them. As only He can – through His grace and power and through those who love Him.

So tonight – I realize how rich I am. Rich in love. 

Tonight, I am thankful.


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