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  • Do You Know Your Personality Type?September 5th, 2014

    I know, I know. There are countless tests out there – and I think I’ve taken all of them throughout my lifetime.

  • So Much PainSeptember 5th, 2014

    There’s so much pain in the world. So many people in need of aid, assistance, help and rescuing. No one of these more deserving than the other.

  • Are You Adaptable?September 5th, 2014

    adapt (əˈdæpt)
    1. ( often foll by to ) to adjust (someone or something, esp oneself) to different conditions, a new environment, etc

  • Reason to SingSeptember 5th, 2014

    This song by All Sons and Daughters has been a source of strength and peace for me when I feel overwhelmed.

  • PerspectiveSeptember 5th, 2014

    perspective (pəˈspɛktɪv) — n
    1. a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance